THE largest ever transfer of council land in Wales, possibly Britain, has taken a step forward in Newtown.

In a bid to acquire over £1.1 million of Big Lottery funding, Newtown Town Council has negotiated a 99 year lease of 105 acres from Powys County Council (PCC).

The town council also endorsed using £392,000 of funding, providing the bid is successful and the final lease is confirmed.

Councillors endorsed a 99 year lease of the land from the town council to the newly formed Going Green Community Land Trust Ltd (GGCL Trust) and agreed to put £55,000 (per year) for the first five years into the trust.

The council also endorsed that in the 2018/19 year, £17,000 be channelled into a BMX Pump track, to be match funded with £28,000 by the lottery.

Finally they endorsed £100,000 of capital funding to go towards a play park in 2018/19, to be match funded with £78,000 from the lottery.

Going over the process at Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council’s meeting on Monday, Richard Edwards said: “The Going Green bid will be submitted by lunch time tomorrow (Tuesday).

“I really take my hat off to the team for the work they have put in.”

Cllr Edwards confirmed that the board had been formed to run the GGCL Trust and a lease hold offer of approximately 105 acres was on the table from PCC.

“We have the majority of the land, 105 acres rather than the 115 acres,” added Cllr Edwards. “It is going to be lease held.

“That is the only offer, a 99 year lease not free hold.

“We have a lease agreement in principal. We have already agreed a lease with the land trust that has to be seen by the lottery so that they are happy with it.”