A COUNTY councillor is calling on residents to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour in the fight against fly-tipping.

Llanarmon yn Ial councillor, Martyn Holland, said there had been a third incident of people leaving rubbish in his area, including at Pistyll Gwyn Quarry, in the last six months.

He said: “I cannot understand if there are individuals involved why they come here to an area of outstanding natural beauty to fly tip. As a county councillor I am concerned about the cost of dealing with this all the time in both Flintshire and Denbighshire and if they tip there is a cost involved.

“As a county we take an extremely dim view of this and we will prosecute and that includes residents who use carriers who do not have a waste carriers licence and it’s up to the resident to check that the carrier they are using has the right licenses.”

Mr Holland felt there was a role for residents in helping to combat the problem.
“I understand that officers have found things in the rubbish that they believe will help them to identify where the rubbish has come from.

“I am asking people that when dealing with rubbish that they take it to the correct sites and I am asking residents in my ward to keep there eyes wide open details like car registrations if they see anything suspicious,” he added.

A spokesman for Denbighshire County Council said: “Fly-tipping of any kind will not be tolerated in Denbighshire.

“We must point out that the vast majority of people act responsibly and dispose of rubbish in a responsible manner.

“However, there is a minority who think it is acceptable to fly-tip.

“This kind of activity is anti-social, it’s a blight on the landscape and affects the quality of life for residents living in the area.

“The council will take action against individuals who are responsible for environmental crime and we are grateful to the public for reporting these matters, so that we can try and alleviate the problem.”