A COMEDY whodunnit hits the stage at Newtown's Hafren theatre next Friday, March 20, described as "The 39 Steps” meets Agatha Christie via Holmes and Watson.

Created and performed by Gavin Robertson and Nicholas Collett, "Done To Death By Jove!", full of comic clichés from the Great British Detective genre – Lords and ladies, shady servants, secrets, motives and cunning detective-work abound in this genre-busting farcical comedy from the “Masters of inventive silliness”.

That’s if the two of them can get through the play at all without losing the plot. Literally!

Who murdered Lady Fanshawe? Why is Matron Maudesley so friendly with one of the guests at the House of Hope and Cures? Why have the sound cues got mixed up? Where’s the set?

A cast of six bring a comic flurry of suspects and sleuths together to discover whodunnit, and how… except, well… four of the cast are stuck by the side of the M6 in the broken-down van and only those two knights of the theatre, Sir Gavin and Sir Nicholas, have managed to get to the venue… but the show must go on! What could possibly go wrong!?

Find out in "Done to Death By Jove". Tickets cost £13.