THE international artist, sculptor and Jewellery make Andrew Logan has a new exhibition “The Wonderful World of Reflections” opening at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre next Wednesday, November 28.

The exhibition will be on until February 9 but there will also be an official opening with a Jewellery Extravaganza show at 6pm on Saturday, December 1.

Andrew, has a permanent museum of his work at Berriew near Welshpool and he is also known for devising the Alternative Miss World competitions where past winners have included a robot and a 70 year old Russian lady.

Aberystwyth Arts Centre will be hosting a selection of his fantastic creations transforming one of the galleries into a fantastical, bejewelled treasure trove filled with marvellous hanging mobiles, shimmering 2D works and extravagant sculptures that fill the gallery with music.

Central to the diverse array of dazzling sculptures will be Goldfield, an expansive piece comprised of 4.5 metre high giant wheat stalks hosting field mice and floating butterflies. This showing will be only the second since it was commissioned and exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery in 1976.

Logan belongs to a unique school of English eccentrics. Considered one of Britain’s principal sculptural artists, his work challenges convention, mixes media and plays with artistic values. His work crosses the fields of sculpture, jewellery, stage-design and public art, embodying artistic fantasy in an unprecedented way.

The Jewellery Extravaganza shows are one of the keys to Andrew’s portfolio, where volunteer models are adorned in Andrew’s jewellery, interpretatively moving to specially created music. It promises to be an unforgettable experience!