NEW exhibitions open at Newtown’s Oriel Davies Gallery this Saturday, February 10, including a talk at 6pm by one of the artists, Cardiff-based Anthony Shapland.

His show 'A Sound Not Meant To Be Heard' explores how we understand sound and silence, speech and communication.

It brings together new works across two galleries in a timely show presenting expanded moving image work -combining film, photography, sound, objects and text - that reveals the gaps between what is seen and said, heard and understood.

The exhibition presents connected pieces, with subtle autobiographical references to the area he grew up in, to previous works, relationships and conversations past and present. At the same time the work looks outwards, inviting us us to re-examine how we perceive our own realities, that of others and the world around us.

Another Cardiff-based artist also features in Oriel Davies' other new show, Freya Dooley’s 'Speakable Things' in the Litmus Commission space.