This picture was sent in by Gwen Buckley who wrote: “Following a 1983 photo of pupils in Manafon School in your ‘Down Memory Lane’ I thought you might like a similar photo from 1939 of Manafon School.

“Names, back row: Gertie Thomas, Gwen Haddock, Eleanor Jones, Molly Musgrove, Eileen Lewis, Eluned Jones, Beryl Jones, Margaret Thomas, Gwyneth Jones. Next row, from back (boys): John Morris, Leonard Thomas, Wally Jones, Percy Jones, Charlie Lewis, Godfrey Evans, Haydn Roberts, Howell Evans, Harry Evans. Next row (boys): Aneurin Davies, Ray Darlington, Fred Evans, ? , Glyn Evans. Next row (girls): Eirlys Davies, Elizabeth Jones, Winifred Jones, ?, Sheila Gethin. Front row (boys): Billie Morris, John Jones, Roy Evans, Tegwyn Tudor, Wally Morris, ? , Leslie Evans, Jonathan Evans.”

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