THIS week’s trip down Memory Lane features the second of three pictures of pantomimes at Brynhyfryd hospital, Forden.

The photographs of the old staff pantomimes are from the collection of Chris Purcell, of Shrewsbury. The final picture will appear in next week’s paper.

Pictured, back from left, are: Mrs Evans, Sid Poston, Eileen Poston, Linda Bird, Rhoda Jones, Betty Richards (Rich), Freda Williams, Fred Davies, Renee Evans, Flo Rawlings, Bob Daniels, Lawrence Blockley, Sister Lumb and Dyllis Owen.

Front, from left, are: Joan Onsen, Maureen Andrews, Marie King, Sister Price, Renee Evans, Mrs Tanner, Renee Powell, Chris Purcell and Carol Blainy.

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