THIS week’s trip down Memory Lane features a photograph of some old buses.

The photograph, which dates back to around 1960, was sent in to the County Times by Brian Poole, of Newtown.

Brian writes: “Many have recommenced to refuel with petrol or diesel at the new facility at the eastern corner of the new Newtown Tesco. They are on a ‘heritage’ refuelling site.

"The building in the immediate background was the horse repository built during the Great War to speed the movement of partially broken-in young horses from the local brood mares to the urban transport and cavalry. The fuel was then hay and rolled oats.

"The building was a grain store during the Second World War, Mid Wales Motorways purchased the site in 1947 and the final bus left the yard in April 2009.

“The photograph is from the David Hughes collection. The two older Bedford OBs are either side of the petrol pump and the slightly more modern bus is beside the diesel tank.”