Llanfyllin High School’s Lonely Tree Youth Theatre honoured fallen soldiers in two-sell out performances of ‘Remember Me – Cofiwch Fi’.

The drama students were tasked with writing, devising and producing a Remembrance production ahead of two shows.

Head of drama Mandy Saunders said: “Each time we bring this play to life we retain some of the original local stories like Hedd Wyn, the Davies Sisters and Wilfred Owen but we also attempt to find new stories to tell.

“Our drama students from key stages three, four and five create a huge ensemble of wartime soldiers, nurses, evacuees and poets from the First World War to current Afghanistan and they learn about the lives that were lost through the futility of war.

“At the end of the production there is not a dry eye in the theatre – including the cast – when we invite the audience to stand and salute all the names on the Powys Wartime Death registry.

“Drama students not only learn many theatrical skills but they are also enriched by the stories they tell.

“We always aim to bring local Welsh history to life and through the production, many lives, audience and cast members, were affected as we portrayed how these heroes gave their tomorrow for our today.”

n All pictures by Phil Blagg. To order one, call 01938 553354.