WELCOME to the first camera club of August.

It is hard to believe we are already more than halfway through the year but here we are and we must look to end the year on a high.

Distractions and killing time have been the way of British life for nearly two years now.

People have not been able, or indeed wanted to in some cases, to travel far and therefore have delved deeper into their communities than many would have ever bothered before.

Few of us could afford the expense of isolation in a hotel either side of a foreign holiday let alone the hassle of multiple tests and the worry which goes with international travel since the beginning of the pandemic.

Perhaps some have missed it and just as likely is the possibility people have embraced so-called ‘staycations.’

It is not a term which really does it justice.

A holiday at home is a chance to discover hidden treasures, an opportunity to meet people who share our own desires to improve our communities and who we share an unspoken bond as a neighbour.

Our communities and economy will need more help than any time in the past 80 years when we eventually emerge from all remaining restrictions.

All we can hope for is the people who found solace in their communities over the past two years continue to do so and not rush back to foreign climes.