Lowri Jones

LOWRI JONES Dwynwen, Sioned, Gareth and Greta wish to express their gratitude for all the support they have been given in their very sad loss. Firstly and foremost, for the loving care that Lowri has been given by the Doctors, Nurses and Carers over the years but especially since her final trauma two years ago. To the Reverend Bethan Scotford, Huw Davies (organist) and Teulu Moeldrehaearn for making the dignified service in Church such a memorable one. Geraint Peate for his valued guidance and for the special way he carries out his duties, unobtrusive but efficiently. For donations gratefully received in memory of Lowri which are given to Llanfair Caereinion Medical Centre (Nurses Fund), Welshpool Hospital and Epilespy (Wales). To all the ones who have contributed in any way to the support and help given on this sad day. Finally, to family, friends and neighbours who have given us so much kindness and loyalty over the past fifty years. Rest assured, this has been very much appreciated and on Low's behalf, we thank you all. Byddwn yn anfon gair yn gymraeg i'r 'Plu' ond diolch o galon i bawb.