EMMA Serjeant has spoke of her pride after going head to head with some of world’s leading time trialists in France earlier this month.

The Hafren Cycling Club star from Montgomery crossed the line in 23rd spot in the women’s elite class time trial at the Chrono des Nations in Les Herbier.

Serjeant thanked the Newtown Twinning Association for giving her the opportunity to compete and Kyleigh Manners of 42 Degrees Coaching for role in ensuring she completed the event

Serjeant said: "Now I know what it feels like to be a professional. It was an amazing experience. Nine minutes behind British record holder Hayley Simmonds. I will take that.

“Thanks to 42 Degrees Coaching and Kyleigh Manners accepted the mission to get me on the start line of the Chrono des Nations and achieve a respectable time against some of the best time trialists in the world.

“Thanks to Kyleigh for your training, advice and support and also your belief in me that I could do this. Without all that I would not have even made it to the start line.

"Without Newtown Twinning I would not have had the opportunity to compete on the international stage, an experience many riders can only dream of.”