CAERSWS Football Club have been granted a bye to the second round of the JD Welsh Cup after Prestatyn Sports withdrew from the competition.

Concerns over the North Wales club’s ground prompted the tie to be switched to the Recreation Ground in Caersws earlier in the week.

However the Welsh Alliance club have since withdrawn from the competition.

The North Wales club have since hit out at the Football Association of Wales (FAW) for ruling against their home ground meeting cup criteria.

“We are absolutely gutted to be put in a position where we felt we had no choice but to withdraw from the Welsh Cup after the FAW decided against our ground not meeting ground requirements after Caersws lodged a complaint.

“Apparently we need a permanent railing around the pitch like everyone else in the competition, which we know isn’t the case.

“We feel we’re being singled out as we don’t carry as much muscle as bigger clubs who seem to dictate what happens in these situations.”

Caersws Football Club issued its own statement in the aftermath of Prestatyn Sports withdrawal.

“Following the first round draw the club received two anonymous phone calls relating to the safety and eligibility of Prestatyn Sports ground in line with FAW rules.

“Having been been or played at the ground we were unsure how accurate these claims were and subsequently raised the question with the FAW. From the point forward, we had no further discussion or decision.

“We were told Prestatyn Sports were asked for their observations on the matter, including alternative proposals, however close not to respond to the FAW request, contrary to reports.

“On October 3 the FAW informed us Prestatyn Sports had withdrawn from the cup, the only time we are the told the club contacted the FAW throughout.”

The Football Association confirmed Caersws would received a bye after Prestatyn Sports conceded the tie.

A statement read: “After receipt of a protest from Caersws Football Club about the suitability of Prestatyn Sports ground, we can confirm that the playing area is now railed or walled off, which is a breach of rule 9b.

“The registered ground must be able to accommodate a price of admission, so a gate can be taken in all cup ties. Goal nets must be used for all ties. The playing area must be railed or walled off, except those areas and spaces excluded from spectator viewing.

“In accordance with the competition rules, Caersws Football Club appealed against the suitability of the ground. 

“Prestatyn Sports were asked for their observations to make to The National Game Board. The board considered the appeal and reversed the tie in accordance with the competition rules. Prestatyn Sports withdrew from the competition on Wednesday.”