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Published date: 12 August 2010 |
Published by: Bronagh McManus
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THIS week’s artist is Cardiff’s creative “Steff Adams” with his acoustically based, beautifully soothing songs.

This artist, and I use the word artist with precision because of he is just that in so many ways, is worth his musical weight in gold.

He writes tasteful lyrics, sings them deliciously and his musical background is just as heart-warming. His work easily reminds me of sitting in the garden on a summers evening and forgetting the hassle of everyday life.

What is really effective about Adams’ work is his play on words.  He makes the most complicated of situations seem simple as you will discover on the song “Misunderstood.”

His music is fresh and crisp like a winter’s breeze yet retaining soul warming qualities such as roasting marshmallows’ on a camp fire with your friends in the summer.

It is a strange description, but his voice reminds me of cream as it flows so delicately yet has the possibilities to bubble into a melting thickness.

Steff Adams talks common sense. He reminds me of punk rock folk singer Frank Turner with his no-nonsense approach to his song writing, frequently questioning the past and his thoughts at the time.

By doing this, he embraces situations that almost every audience can relate to because after all, music helps all of us through the trickiest of situations, so to have lyrics that people can identify with, that’s a good start to say the least.

So what has Steff Adams got that is going to interest you?

Well, maybe his delightfully elegant charm that soaks his work will attract you, or possibly you will fall in love with his truthful lyrics “you and me are just the same, look for someone else to blame.”

Perhaps you will discover the relevance of his lyrics to your own life, which will soon have you hooked to his latest album, titled “Blue Pathways” that you can easily access at www.steffadams.bandcamp.com/album/blue-pathways.

When I first heard Adams’ work, I knew that he was destined for great things and that soon the world was going to discover his true talent. Adams’ music is not just for lovers of acoustic music or folk, it is also for fans of good, truth speaking lyrics. He will probably appeal to fans of the like of Three Pairs Of Shoes, who featured a several weeks ago, and Gareth Icke.

If you like new exciting artists who are able to bring smiles to faces on even the darkest of days, then this album is for you.

The drowsily relaxing sound of “Blue Pathways” is addictive and I highly recommend that you check it out. We need more artists like Adams on our music scene as his work is perfect for radio play.

So many small bands with unrecognised talent miss out on important radio play due to their poorly produced work, yet Steff Adams’ work doesn’t suffer from this production deficit, so I should hope that in the future his music will be splashed out to the world for all to hear.

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