Radnorshire politician to become leader of the Wales Green Party


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A RADNORSHIRE politician is to become the leader of the Wales Green Party.

Alice Hooker-Stroud, current leader, announced she would be stepping down from the role at the end of March, and current deputy leader and renewable energy expert Grenville Ham will be taking over.

He said: “I want to thank Alice for all her contributions to the Wales Green Party, and to build on this movement which genuinely represents the best interests of Welsh people, rather than one that panders to big business.

“I look forward to continuing the Wales Green Party’s work of creating a society where people are more important than profit.”

Talking about next steps for the Wales Green Party, Ham added: “It will be an immense privilege to lead the party into the council elections in May. My priority will be to support all of the hardworking Wales Green Party candidates who offer their communities the chance to vote for fresh ideas and a positive future.

“I will be standing myself in Brecon, and I’m already seeing local people recognise that in order to get a meaningful change they can’t keep voting for the same old parties.”

Hooker-Stroud, who has led the Wales Green Party since the beginning of 2016, said in a statement today that the lack of funding for smaller parties in the UK has contributed to her position being untenable.

Hooker-Stroud said: “Though the decision to step down was not easy, it was made easier by the fact I knew I would be handing over to Grenville, a committed, skilled, and experienced member of the Wales Green Party who will take us forward with confidence to the elections in May.

“As a party that cares about who lines our pockets, we don’t take funds from big business donors like other parties do.

“That means our members have the biggest say – not corporate lobbyists, but it has contributed to my role being effectively a voluntary one, which for me has sadly become untenable. I am proud that every person in our party has an equal say, and proud that when I speak on behalf of the party, that I know I speak on behalf of our members.”

She believes the financing of political parties needs urgent reform, so they aren’t ‘mouth pieces for big business’.

Hooker-Stroud added: “Parties that have a lot of money can do a lot, and those who have a smaller amount can do less.

“That is how contemporary politics works.

“We need to level the playing field financially for political parties in Wales, and in the UK. It would be a much fairer country all round for everyone.”

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