The Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery



Most of us are aware of the huge interest that exists for plastic surgery. But while many people are eager to improve their looks with the help of an operation or two, others have already done so – with unexpected consequences.
If you look through the newspapers and online, you’ll find stories of people who have undergone various cosmetic surgery procedures, only to find they experience problems of some kind afterwards.
So if you are considering having surgery to improve your appearance, make sure you know exactly what to expect before you do.
When a surgeon cuts through the skin to perform an operation of any kind on any part of the body, they cut through nerves as well. While nerve damage can repair itself over time to a certain extent, there is a risk that you will always experience some degree of numbness in that area. You may also feel a tingling sensation.
If you have a facelift or other type of cosmetic surgery you have to be prepared for the chance of having such numbness. There is no guarantee you will ever get full feeling back.
Again, all operations carry the risk of infection. This holds true for cosmetic procedures as well. While your surgery should result in minimal and unnoticeable scarring, it may also leave ugly scars if things go wrong. This could leave you looking very different from how you thought you would look initially.
Complications inherent with having surgery
It should be noted that all operations, whether cosmetic or otherwise, incur certain risks. While these risks are generally quite small, you must be aware they exist. In addition to this, it stands to reason that people who opt to have several cosmetic procedures will face these risks with every surgery they have.
The results may not look good when you age
We’ve all seen people who have had cosmetic surgery at some stage in their lives, only for the results to deteriorate over time. They may look good initially but as the skin and the body age the surgery may lead their appearance to look far less attractive.
Unfortunately some people have paid the ultimate price for their desire to change their appearance through cosmetic surgery. The most famous story of all involves Solange Magnano, who was Miss Argentina. She opted for cosmetic procedures and died shortly after they were performed.
Other people have been left with a very different outcome to the one they hoped for. Breast augmentations can result in a lopsided appearance, as well as the potential for the implants to cause other problems. Facelifts can lead to problems moving the eyes or the mouth, or numbness in facial features that can make it difficult to blink or talk.
If you have undergone a procedure that hasn’t gone well, you may have a case for claiming for medical negligence compensation if you were not adequately warned of the dangers beforehand, or if the surgeon’s work was sub-standard. If you are considering undergoing cosmetic surgery, make sure you know what to expect first.

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