Looking after yourself when you’re 8 weeks pregnant



Every stage of your pregnancy is different. In fact, sometimes it can feel like your body is changing on a weekly basis. In many ways, as your child develops so rapidly, this is true – so it makes sense to ensure you are doing everything to look after yourself.
When you are around 8 weeks pregnant, morning sickness can be at its worst. For many women, this phase can be pretty difficult to deal with as the nausea can become quite overpowering. Of course, while just two out of three expectant mums will suffer with this, there are some who will barely notice it and may not have it at all. For the others though, there are things that can be done to keep the nausea at bay.
Morning sickness will usually last up until the 12 to 14 week mark, but again this will differ from person to person as no two women are the same. One remedy for morning sickness that is tried and tested is good old fashioned rest. By doing everything you can to get a good night’s sleep and maybe the odd daytime nap, you’ll be giving your body a break – which for many can reduce levels of nausea.
Another thing to make sure you do is eat well, with small meals on a regular basis so that there is always something in your stomach. Try keeping dry crackers, toast or plain biscuits by the bed to eat as soon as you get up and make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids. Some people use motion sickness wristbands and find them effective, so maybe give these a try if you aren’t having any luck with sleep and dietary changes.
While all of the above will work on some women and not on others, it’s probably best to try them all anyway. Often something that has worked one week will no longer work the next, so try more than one remedy and don’t be afraid to ask other mums what they did to get over the condition. Many women find visiting a pregnancy forum useful throughout their pregnancy as there is plenty of experience to draw on there. Of course, if you feel you need more professional help as you are unable to hold down any food, you should absolutely contact your doctor or midwife.
Looking after yourself at every stage of your pregnancy is paramount, whether this means eating sensibly or doing gentle exercise. However, it can be just as good for your wellbeing as it can for your baby, so never underestimate its importance!

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