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Morissette is touring for the remainder of 2012 and the start of 2013. The tour starts in October in Boise and continues in the UK from November 2012, starting at the O2 in London and going through to Nottingham and Liverpool. The tour is titled, the “Guardian Angel Tour.” Alanis Morissette tickets are available now from StubHub.
In the early nineties, Canadian Morissette's sound was very different to how most people know her music to be today. She started out singing dance music and her debut album titled Alanis, was released in Canada in 1992 under MCA Records. The album was certified platinum at the time and her debut single went into the top 20 on release. She co wrote the album and appeared as the opening act for Vanilla Ice in the same year. Her second album, which she also co wrote, was more ballad driven, more thoughtful and less glamorous than its predecessor. The album was called “Now is the Time” and was a commercial flop. Morissette had completed her two album deal by this time, so her contract was not renewed with MCA Records.
Morissette subsequently moved to LA and wrote what was to become her most famous album, “Jagged Little Pill.” She was signed to Maverick Records and the album was officially released in 1995. Her debut single, “You Oughta Know,” did exceedingly well and earned her heavy rotation on MTV and on rock radio stations. Other hit singles from the album included Head Over Feet, Hand in My Pocket and All I Really Want. The success of these singles meant that the album Jagged Little Pill stayed in the top 20 Bill Board album charts for over one year and sold more than 33 million copies globally. The rest as they say is history.

Morissette received widespread attention on April Fools day in 2007 when she released a parody version of the Black Eyed Peas song “My Humps” on Youtube. The video featured Morissette singing the song in a mournful way, with men around her trying to touch her lady bits while she slapped them away. She was not available at the time to explain the video but when asked later on, she stated that at the time of recording, she was so emotionally burdened with recording her new album that she felt she wished she could release something trivial and less emotionally laden like “My Humps.” When you consider that her subsequent album released in 2008, titled “Flavors of Entanglement,” featured music which was based around the theme of enlightening people and raising “human consciousness,” it is easy to see why this might be. Morissette's eighth studio album entitled, “Havoc and Bright Lights,” was released in May 2012 under new label Collective Sound. Tracks from the album, in addition to her more famous tracks will be performed on her tour.

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