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Henry Pass

“THERE are thousands of planets in the Universe, who knows what life forms are out there?”

The words of Darren Perks, a  renowned UFO expert who has been studying the skies ever since he witnessed a strange craft above his house in Shrewsbury when he was just 16.

He has now formed a group of alien specialists to investigate sightings in Mid Wales and Shropshire.

The group, UFO Shropshire, devotes itself to exploring strange sightings, crop circles and animal mutilations in our countryside to detect if there have been any forms of alien activity in the area.

“We are a collection of people from military, political and scientific backgrounds who have witnessed or encountered extra-terrestrial life forms,” Darren said.

The group began within the past month and Darren hopes it will expand and recruit more like-minded people in the future.

He has extended a request to the public, urging them to come forward and to contact him if they feel anything is amiss in the lands or skies around them.

“People are too eager to sweep what we believe in under the carpet and to disregard strange sightings as a plane or a helicopter. But what if it wasn’t?” continued Darren.

“That’s where we come in. If this subject isn’t investigated we’ll be forgotten. We want to be a point of focus for the public to report to.

“We’ll explore all avenues thoroughly before we make a decision. We’re not going to instantly leap to the conclusion that there has been a UFO at the site.”

Darren is an avid UFO enthusiast and has appeared in many television shows, including “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel.

There are talks of Darren’s footage appearing on a film later this year, and Darren will be teaming up with musician and UFO believer Shaun Ryder this summer for a new documentary to be shown on the History Channel.

He says he first came into contact with another life form when he was 16 and returning from work. He noticed a triangular object hovering in the sky, which silently shot off. Although he didn’t know it at the time, this was to become one of the UK’s biggest UFO sightings, known as the Cosford Incident.

Since then he has investigated other incidents around Britain, including the Berwyn Mountain UFO crash in 1974, when an alien ship impacted with the mountain side and sent aftershocks that could be felt in Wrexham and Liverpool. He claims the police and government covered up what happened at Clwyd and only one witness went to the press to report what she saw.

The group hopes to lift the lid on strange events which haven’t been properly explained in Mid Wales.

“We want to explain anything unconventional in the area, including crop circles and animal mutilation,” he continued.

Darren, who believes in an alien species called the Pleiadians, or “the Nords”, has had several calls out to farmers’ fields where animals have been inexplicably disfigured.

“One farmer in Llanidloes showed me a cow that had been lasered and all her organs removed,” he explained.

“This was the work of technology far beyond human capability.” When asked why the aliens had done this, Darren had several explanations.

He said: “99 per cent of all animals that are mutilated are usually pregnant. Perhaps the aliens are harvesting organs and wombs for animal hybrid testing or to find out more about our food chain.

“There is quite possibly a threat of invasion.”

UFO Shropshire insist that while they are investigating the supernatural, they are not your stereotypical eccentric extra-terrestrial group.

“We will physically go out to investigate and build up contacts and a reputation in an honest way.”

Darren will speak at a conference at Rendelshem Forest, another popular UFO sighting spot, in June and hopes to raise awareness of his group.

To find out more about Darren’s discoveries, or to find out about famous UK UFO incidents, alien species and videos, visit www.ufoshropshire.co.uk

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