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Robin Harris

I AM writing in response to "Forced to move to Wales?".

What a load of complete and utter rubbish this anonymous reply was.

I did not have the opportunity to read Mrs P Bennet's letter but by going by the comments in this letter, I'm sure it was in much the same vein.

Seeing as this anonymous writer has taken such offence by Mrs Bennet's letter, then he will appreciate the offence that English born residents like myself will take to his comments. Given the demographics of the north of Denbighshire, English people must make up probably half of the whole of the area's population.

Instead of giving a reasoned and viable argument in return, this person resorts to a diatribe of anti-English racism.

His antagonistic comments about "the invasion of St George’s Flags during this summer's World Cup" are nothing but racism.

Given the fact that Denbighshire is an area completely dominated by the tourist trade, I wonder if this person shares the same disdane by the English invasion each summer which brings tens of millions of pounds into the local economy.

He also seems to have an issue with Mrs Bennet describing herself as a "proud English women".

Are English people not entitled to be proud if they choose to live in Wales?

For the record, my experience of the Welsh people shows this writer is in a tiny minority, as the vast majority are more than friendly and welcoming, and are credits to Wales.

Another point that seems to have passed this person by, is that if Mrs Bennet has come to a conclusion regarding the language being "incomprehensible", contrary to their point number 4, maybe she has tried to learn the language.

Many Welsh people I have met can understand it, but cannot speak it, which at first I thought sounded contradictory.

If Mrs Bennet is proud to be English, good on her, and if this writer wants people like Mrs Bennet to be respectful to Wales, they should respect her being English.

And in relation to Anthony Dobbie of Henllan, he is entitled to agree with positive discrimination relating to the Welsh language if he wants to. Denbighshire Council make a big point of this in its recruitment, which is fine until you are in the 90 per cent of the local population being positively discriminated against.




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