PUPILS AT  Guilsfield Primary School have spent some time living in the past.

Last Friday, November 24, three classes at the school dressed up as World War Two evacuees,were taught in a Victorian era classroom or were sent back to the 17th Century, Stuart era.

Headteacher, Huw Jones, said: “They were all dressed up and lived out a day as it would have been in these historical eras.

“Everyone got into the spirit of things.”

Mr Jones explained: “Each class has been focusing on a historical topic, the best way to learn about historical eras is to live it.

“So we’ve developed the themes over the term.

“Looked up and read up about all these different times.

“This day of living history was the culmination of all that work.”

“The evacuees, would have had come to Guilsfield from all over the country, London, Manchester, Liverpool and Cardiff and landed here in the village for the first time.

“We had air raid sirens go off at certain times and our pupils had to dive under the tables, just as they would have for real.”

Mr Jones added: “We had a class being taught as they would have been in Queen Victoria’s time when the teaching was a lot more stern

“And our class looking at the Stuarts enjoyed learning about a time of great change in the country.”