WELSHPOOL Indoor market, based at the town hall, is going through a time of transition with new stall holders moving in, as others move on.

In recent weeks four new businesses, True Treasures, Bits and Pieces, 2nd Hand Lane and Welshpool Vapes have been bedding in to life at the Indoor Market.

They have been trading now for several weeks and are looking forward to a busy run-up to Christmas.

Oswestry Vapes have now come to Welshpool and are calling their stall at the Indoor Markets, Welshpool Vapes.

Chet Morris, of Welshpool Vapes, said: “I’ve been here for three weeks now and we’re doing well so far.

“We saw that there was potential in Welshpool as there are no other similar outlets.”

“We’re hoping that through word of mouth, people in Welshpool will know we’re here.”

Philip Low, after years of selling second hand items online, has finally taken the plunge by opening his own stall.

“Things are ticking along nicely.

“Many years ago I worked in a second hand shop.”

“When I and my fiance moved up here six years ago I did think about setting up a shop and had a look around for shop space.

“When I saw the advert advertising a stall here, I finally decided to take the plunge.”

Kim Wright has just moved in to her stall, True Treasures.

Kim said: “I’ve only been here a week but I’m getting good feedback.

“I started the business so that I can fit work around my children.

“I’ve always loved going to car boot sales, auctions and jumble sales.

“Picking things up and ‘upcycling’ them.”

The Town Diner has also changed hands this year with Becky Williams taking over its running back in June.

“The previous owners were friends of mine, I already have a shop here selling giftware,” said Becky.

She added: “I asked my friend Joanne Evans if she could join me in running the diner and it’s been going really well.”

Andrew Mel Hewish is known as Taz at the Market and sells everything from collectable toys to watches.

While he’s been at the Indoor Market for seven years, he’s just moved stalls.

Andrew said: “It would be nice to get more footfall here, I still get people who’ve lived in Welshpool all their lives coming here and being amazed to find all of our stalls here.

“The good thing about the Indoor market is it gives you a chance at trying out a business idea.”

Ffion Davies, of Welshpool Town Council, said: “We’re delighted to welcome these new business to the Indoor Market.

“The tenants that left, have gone on to open their own shops after successfully starting their businesses here.”