WELSHPOOL RESIDENTS  have overwhelmingly voted for Option 1 in the NHS Services referendum, but the turnout of 13.6 per-cent was extremely low.

This means that the the Town Council will back the proposal that the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital should be the Emergency Care Site while and the Planned care Site is the Royal Shrewbury Hospital.

The result is seen as binding on the Town Council and will be their official opinion which will be fed into the forthcoming consultation by Future Fit into the proposed changes.

The long awaited consultation is expected to start inthe next few weeks, possibly at the end of November,.

In total 668 votes were cast, with 516 (77 per-cent) in favour of Option 1.

145 votes (22 per-cent) were in favour of Option 2 while sevenvotes (one per-cent) were spoiled.

Nearly as many youngsters at Welshpool High School had taken part in the vote.

From October 9 to October 11 school pupils took part in their own referendum on the options.

There 620 votes were cast, with 495 (80 per-cent) in favour of Option 1, 97 (16 per cent) in favour of Option 2 and 28 (four per-cent) ballots spoiled.