Denbigh could be represented by the same MP as Welshpool if proposals to reduce the number of MPs come to fruition in a constituency three times the size of the Isle of Man.

The proposals would see the number of MPs representing Wales cut from 40 to 29, with the overall number of MPs cut from 650 to 600.

Under the proposals, Denbigh and Llandyrnog would form the northernmost part of the new South Clwyd and North Montgomeryshire constituency, which would stretch as far south as Welshpool, whilst also including Ruabon.

The new constituency would cover around 1,600 square kilometres, or around 1,000 square miles.

The new proposals would see St Asaph in the new constituency of Conwy and Colwyn Bay, with Bala in the new constituency of Gwynedd.

 The current Clwyd West, represented by David Jones and Vale of Clwyd, represented by Chris Ruane, would effectively be absorbed into the new structures.

Current MP for Clwyd South, Susan Elan Jones said: “It’s completely crazy. Wales is losing a quarter of its representatives.

“It’s not good for local rural representation. It really begs the question how an MP could represent real people in local area.n

“The current Clwyd South constituency already covers 240 square miles; 549 of the UK's current 650 constituency are smaller than it.

“Under the revised proposals, the new South Clwyd and North Montgomery constituency is well above 1,500 square kilometres - with Welshpool, Denbigh, Ruabon and Llandrillo in the same seat.

“Some people from our area go on holiday to Welshpool, so it's just unbelievable to think that all those places and many more are supposed to be in a single parliamentary constituency.

“My main concern in all this is about proper constituency representation, based on an MP and their staff team helping real people who live in real communities in our area. Regardless of which political party we support, how is that supposed to happen if we end up with these enormous constituencies?”