A GROUP of students are finding out how much people know about the work of the Citizens Advice Powys (CAP) as part of their Welsh Baccalaureate Challenge.

The students, Mary, Jenna, Tricia and Seren are studying health and Social care at NPTC Newtown.

They are helping CAP raise awareness of their services as well as finding out hw many people actually know about CAP by asking people to fill in questionnaires.

The data will then be collected and used by CAP to help them in the future.

CAP office finance manager, Yasmin Bell, said: “It’s going to be very interesting for us to find out what people actually know about us.

“What are people’s perception of CA Powys?”

Yasmin added: ““They have started their survey at the college campus and plan to go out to supermarkets all across North Montgomeryshire to ask questions.

“These will be on the lines of, have you heard of CA Powys?

“Do you know it’s a free of charge service?”

“They will then write a report on their findings as part of their studies and we will receive a summary of this.”

As part of the project the students will also be handing out flyers to people explaining the help and services available at Ladywell House based charity.

“It’s good experience for them and also raises awareness of us as well,” said Yasmin.

For more details of how CA Powys could help you, visit their www.powyscitizensadvice.org.uk