THE first windows have been illuminated in Knighton’s virtual Advent Calendar.

It began at Knighton Primary School with the first window last Friday and other windows have followed around the town in the countdown to Christmas.

Organised by Knighton churches for the first time, the new venture has involved local businesses in the celebration of Christmas.

Each day, one of 24 different windows will be illuminated right up to Christmas Eve, retelling and celebrating the Christmas story.

Each day people can go and view a different window and get a sticker to put into a special card to show they have been there.

The cards are available from Knighton churches and various local shops for you to collect the set.

The final window will open on Christmas Eve near the clock tower to coincide with the Christmas Eve Carols Round the Clock Tower, with the Knighton Town Silver Band, when there will be a chance to see who managed to collect the most stickers.