A DAY of celebration turned to tragedy following the death of a seven-year-old in a swimming pool.

Harvey Worgan, aged seven, was found face down at the bottom of an indoor swimming pool at the home of Nigel Price in Llandyssil on Saturday, June 17.

Harvey and his parents, Ben and Lucy Worgan, were amongst 50 guests at a surprise birthday celebration for Jane, Mr Price’s partner.

Ben Worgan had worked for Mr Price that day and popped in to the party at around 5pm.

Once there, he phoned his wife and she drove over with Harvey.

Harvey had used the swimming pool that evening, and had been told by his father to stay at the shallow end.

In his statement read out in the inquest held at Welshpool Town Hall, Mr Worgan said that he had gone to speak to Mr Price and had last seen his son walking around the outside of the pool.

Mr Worgan’s statement described Harvey as a boy with a lovely smile, who had a huge interest in tractors and diggers, he often went to work with him on Saturdays.

Mr Worgan, said: “He’s not just a son but my best friend.”

Dyfrig Huw Rees, who went to the pool area, was looking for a towel when he saw Harvey lying face down at the bottom,

He said: “I saw a figure at the bottom of the pool face down near the deep end, I asked for help.

“I dived down, but missed him.

“I tried using my feet and then grabbed him and got him by the side.”

By that time others had rushed to the poolside.

“He was very pale, other than being sick there was no other movement,” added Mr Rees.

Dr Andrew Bamber, a paediatric pathologist based at the Heath Hospital in Cardiff, said: “There was no evidence of significant injury nothing to give cause for concern and no definite natural cause.

“There was a presence of 300ml of water in the stomach and changes to the lungs, his death is consistent with one from immersion in water.”

Coroner Andrew Barkley said: “These are very tragic circumstances and I extend my sincerest condolences to the family.

“At the particular time of the incident no-one specifically saw Harvey.

“It seems to me that Harvey was only out of sight for a matter of moments.

“There’s no clear evidence how he got to the pool.

“No indication that he fell in.

“No indication he choked on the food or how long he was in the pool before he was spotted.

“The cause of death is immersion in water as a result of an accident.”