THE Gorman family from the Royal Oak pub at Presteigne have run a meat raffle every Sunday lunchtime for more than three years and have now donated more than £10,000 to various local charities and causes.

Dave, Claire, Dale and Carrie Gorman came up with the idea of raising money for local charities along with meat as draw prizes.

The weekly draw for £1 per ticket sells more than 140 tickets each week with 12 prizes of various meats and steaks.

The grand total donated reached £10,000 in July and to mark the milestone landlord Dale decided to donate the July total of £382.10 to the recent Presteigne Fire Fighters Ladder Carry and the Presteigne Playground Project.

The fire fighters raised more than £2,300 walking eight miles from Knighton to Presteigne in July and then joined the Presteigne Carnival procession.

The Playground Project is raising funds to refurbish The Wilson Terrace playground.

Over the years the Wales Air Ambulance has received a total of £1,208.04 in five donations; The Circle has received a total £995.84; Presteigne and Norton Community Support has received a total £827.83; Presteigne Carnival has received a total £810.34; East Radnor Day Centre has received a total £606.94; Presteigne Defibrillators has received £595.50; and the Wilson Terrace Play Area has received £419.40.

Other charities benefitting have been the Midlands Air Ambulance, Presteigne Play Group, Presteigne Scouts, Presteigne First Responders, Spinal Injuries Association, Cystic Fibrosis, Presteigne and Knighton Food Bank, Presteigne Colts, Presteigne and Knighton Leg Club, Presteigne Guides, MS Llandrindod Branch, Macmillan Cancer, and Bowel Cancer UK.