AN UNSUNG hero has received a medal following 35 years of service for charity.

Since she was 17, Trudy Davies, from Llanidloes has been fundraising for the Royal British Legion Poppy appeal.

She is a standard bearer on Remembrance Day and received the award for her “tireless, loyal and long service.”

Trudy, said: “I started when I was 17, so this year will be 36 years helping the poppy appeal.

“My great-grandfather served in World War One and my Nan, was in the Wrens (Women’s Royal Naval Service) during World War Two.

“My mother helped and I also joined the British Legion when I was old enough to help and here I am now still doing so.”

“I don’t glorify war, but we have to help those that have served our country, and have suffered to protect our freedoms.

“We need to look after our veterans.

“It’s not just about Remembrance Sunday but all the help that’s done behind the scenes to help former service men and women.

“Many need help to settle to life on civvy street, guidance on how to find a home or re-train and gain qualifications for work.

“Then there’s those who have been injured, and also the wives and children of those who lost their lives, we need to look after all of them.”

Trudy who runs Woosnam and Davies News in the Town added: “I used to go collecting door to door before we had the shop, now it’s a collection point.

“I also help co-ordinate the vets who go out collecting money themselves in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday.

“Last year we collected over £500 here and £200 by going around the pubs on the weekend before Remembrance Sunday.

“I am honoured to receive this for my work, although it is not hard work, when you meet so many great people over the years.

“It amazes me how generous everyone is for this very close to my heart and worthwhile charity.”