A PROUD father has just four months to get himself into peak physical condition and ready for a year of gruelling challenges.

Alistair Marsden, 37, from Llanfair Caereinion, is planning to do a series of obstacle course races throughout 2018, to raise money for Alder Hey children’s hospital.

There in November his one-year-old son, Atticus, will receive corrective surgery on his skull for Craniosynostosis.

Craniosynostosis is a rare syndrome where a baby’s skull bones fuse prematurely causing an abnormally shaped head.

The syndrome can lead to complications with brain development, it can cause pressure on the brain and severe headaches as well as impact on functions such as speech development.

September is Craniosynostosis Awareness Month and the syndrome affect about one on 2,500 babies.

Alistair, who works for renewable energy company Dulas in Machynlleth, said: “September is Craniosynostosis month and I want to help give something back to Alder Hey and Headlines (Cranio facial support charity) by dong these challenges

“It is still a widely unknown condition and sometimes stigmatised.

“My goal is to run a 10 mile obstacle race each month through 2018, starting with one near Edinburgh.

“It will be a total of 120 miles or the equivalent of five marathons, but done in mud and water with obstacles thrown in as well.

“I’ve already started training I’m running in the hills around Deri Woods in Llanfair and will be going to Gregynog to do circuits with sandbags on my back.

“I’ve also put pull up bars in the yard of my house, to train there as well.

Mum, Kim, explained more about the condition: “If the condition goes undiagnosed it can be very bad.

“Atticus will be having surgery at Alder Hey in November to help ease the pressure on his brain.

“He’s achieved all his development milestones, in speech development he’s up to speed at the moment, but there will be continuing assessments and therapy at Alder Hey for the next 15 years.”

n For more details of Headlines Craniofacial support visit http://www.headlines.org.uk

You can visit Alistair’s fundraising website: www.justgiving.com/teams/ocr4charity or follow his challenges on Instagram @ocr4charity.