A BLITZ on litter will be taking place in the town during the next few weeks.

Welshpool Town Council has launched its anti-litter campaign and its street scene team and road sweepers will be busy keeping the streets spick and span.

According to the town council, half of all litter found in Welshpool is alcohol related a quarter is smoking related and a fifth from fast food.

Welshpool town clerk, Robert Robinson, said: “Many shops have signed up to help by keeping their part of the street clean.

“The town council street scene team will work to keep Welshpool as tidy as it can.

In just a few hours after launching the campaign, the team had picked up a whole wheelbarrow of rubbish.

Mr Robinson urged: “Remember if everyone living in Welshpool drops one bit of litter a day that 7,000 bits to clear up.

“Please use the bins, there are lots of them.”