COMMENTS on a planning application for an industrial scale chicken farm on the outskirts of Newtown close next week.

The application by Gareth Woosnam to build a poultry unit, with the creation of access and associated work, is proposed for Upper Gwestydd, Cefn Mawr.

Residents have told The County Times that they are very concerned about the proposals as they believe it could see heavy lorry traffic on small narrow country lanes.

Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council opposed the scheme, but environmental body, Natural Resources Wales (NRW), has been lukewarm,.

NRW told Powys Council that they have “significant concerns” about the plans and listed requirements that the applicant needs to satisfy before they can support the development.

Back in December 2016 the Newtown town councillors objected to the proposal giving six reasons:

These were:

1 – Concerns about the narrow access roads and lack of a report from highways.

2 – Concerns about the impact of noise and odour on the local residences.

3 – Concerns about the lack of appropriate reports.

4 – Concerns about the environmental impact of un-off into watercourses, some of which are not detailed on the plans.

5 – Concerns that plans for spreading and/or storage of manure are unsustainable.

6 – Rights of way are not shown on the plans which further reduces the land available for manure spreading.

Montgomery Wildlife Trust has also objected to the proposal due to a lack of information on the ecological impact of the proposed development.

Agent Gail Lewis, of Roger Parry and Partner who represent Mr Woosnam, responded to concerns about road access, she said: “Access to the development proposed has been given careful thought.

“The applicant is proposing to create five passing places upon the minor county highway, constructed before the first permitted use of the building.”

A spokesman for Powys County Council said that they are still receiving comments on the application as part of the consultation process up until August 4.

He said it was still undecided if planning officers would use their delegated powers or if it would be put before a planning committee for a decision.