A VILLAGE that has been without a community council since May could see an end to the situation.

The nine former Trefeglwys Community Councillors refused to stand for election in May due to the council being bombarded with Freedom of Information Requests from an individual.

Now, a previous council member has said that due to assurances given by the Dyfed Powys Police Commissioner and the four county councillors currently operating the community council, the nine councillors have put their names forward for re-election.

As there were no more than 10 candidates submitted to the council it will not be necessary to hold an election.

Former Councillor Derrick Pugh said: “Trefeglwys Community Council has been on a roller-coaster ride along a pylon route for over three years and this has unfortunately cost the council and the community dearly.

“Since we unanimously decided not to stand, there have been no nominations from the three communities we represented and we have been encouraged to re-stand.

“Following a meeting with the Dyfed Powys Police Crime Commissioner and the assurance of the four county councillors who are now taking legal advice, we nine former councillors have decided to re-stand and serve our community once again, based on these assurances.

“It is very important that the community of Trefeglwys, Llawr-y-Glyn and Staylittle has its own council and it should be allowed to function as other councils are able to do.”

While the community council has been in a state of limbo, county councillors Gareth Morgan, Phyl Davies, Les George and Karl Lewis have been operating the council.