A  KITTEN has found a loving new home after being rescued from a hedge at a Royal Welsh Show (RWS) car park in Builth Wells.

The six-week old male kitten was affectionately nicknamed ‘Hedge’ after being found in a bush.

RSPCA Cymru officers Phil Lewis, and Warwick Burgess, rescued the kitten, which was given a clean bill of health by a  Builth Wells veterinary practice.

Amazingly, the charity was able to find a suitable new home immediately – with the kitten taken home by Royal Welsh Show car park officer, Ben Gray.

RSPCA inspector Phil Lewis said: “I’ve worked at the Royal Welsh Show for many years – but have never seen anything like this before! It was remarkable.

“The six-week-old kitten was rescued from a hedge, so we quickly had a perfect name for this lucky young cat!

“He was given a once over by a Builth Wells veterinary practice, and we were delighted that car park supervisor Ben was happy to take this kitten home!

“This kitten had become detached from a feral cat’s litter. He’s gone from alone in a hedge, to a loving new home in only a few hours!