A teenager from Mid Wales has been banned from seeing his own mum for the next two years.

The restraining order was made against defendant Kieran Wilkins, 19, of Heol y Coleg, Vaynor, Newtown, after he admitted smashing a window at her home and threatening to stab a family friend who pursued him.

He was sentenced to eight months detention in a young offenders’ institute and a two year restraining order not to approach his mother, Amanda Townsend, or approach her Newtown home was made.

Mold Crown Court heard how after the damage occurred a family friend, Alex Lock, chased after Wilkins. But when he caught up with him, Wilkins produced a kitchen knife from his jacket pocket and threatened him by saying “if you don’t leave me alone I will stab you.”

Prosecuting barrister Paulinus Barnes said that in fairness the victim did not think he would be stabbed, but sensibly retreated.

When interviewed, Wilkins initially denied it and said he would not even need a knife – he would use his fists.

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said when a young man on bail went to his mother’s home armed with a knife and caused damage – and then threatened to stab someone who pursued him, then only immediate custody was appropriate.

She accepted that the threat was momentary and that he had no intention of carrying it out. But he had threatened someone who was pursing him and said that the case was aggravated by his previous convictions and cautions.

It was clear that the relationship between the defendant, and his mother and family, was very troubled.

“This for her is the culmination of a number of problems. She feels very intimidated, scared and concerned about the impact your behaviour is having on her state of health and on the family,” she said.

“Sadly she feels in a position now where she can no longer have contact with you and asks for a restraining order from the court.”

Defending barrister Simon Rogers said that it was an extremely sad case.

The defendant appreciated that he had reached a critical point in his life and he had to make changes to address the problems that he had. Otherwise the sad fact was that the most important years of his life would be wasted.

There were clearly issues within the family, 2017 had been an extremely bad year for him and he had accumulated a number of convictions within a very short time.

“It seems alcohol and the misuse of drugs are partly to blame for that,” said Mr Rogers.