A DECISION on the major redevelopment of the Tuffins Midcounties Co-op supermarket site at Knighton could still be sometime off.

Knighton Town Council has supported the scheme which would involve demolition of the landmark Whitehall buildings but the full planning application is still awaited and will have to go before Powys County Council for decision.

The site is within the town’s conservation area and a heritage impact assessment has been done which highlights the aim of improving the “gateway” to the conservation area and town centre, while providing a better setting for such nearby listed buildings as the Swan Hotel and the Old Mansion House - while mitigating any impact on other heritage areas.

The proposal would provide a quality supermarket building and additional facilities such as a petrol station, cafe and hairdressers, and space for the Air Ambulance charity shop, and retain jobs.

“The Town Council has sent its observation to Powys County Council and obviously we believe the development there as proposed could be a good thing for the town,” Knighton Mayor, Bob Andrews told the County Times this week.

The Whitehall buildings date back to the early or mid 18th century and are currently in a poor condition both internally and externally.

It is currently used by the supermarket for storage and for the Air Ambulance charity shop.

It has been suggested that an archaeological planning condition is used to ensure that the positive benefits of the development can be assured, and also suggested that planning officers work closely with Midcounties Co-op and its architects to ensure the that the materials used are of a suitably high quality and reflect the character of the town in a contemporary way.

Town clerk Neil King said: “Obviously the town council is very supportive of Co-op although they have reservations, concerns and observations which we have passed on but in principle we are very supportive.

“But this is only about 10 or 20 per cent of the whole development although I am sure we will be equally supportive of the rest of the application when it comes in but we don’t know when that will be."