A LIFE changing spinal injury is not stopping a mother from Four Crosses taking on a 50 mile bike ride challenge.

A horse riding accident left mum-of-three Samantha Davies with a severe spinal injury, but today (July 2) she will taking on the Liverpool Chester Liverpool (LCL) Bike Ride.

In October 2015, Ms Davies fell off her horse.

A confident rider who competed often, she was used to the usual scrapes and accidents associated with the sport.

She said: “I had quite a severe fall and hurt my neck and was in quite a lot of pain – around a month after I could barely feel my legs.

“They felt heavy, it’s a difficult sensation to describe. I felt unsteady on my feet and went to my doctor who recommended I had an MRI scan.

“It took ages to get the results but when they came back it was discovered that the disc between my sixth and seventh vertebrae had prolapsed and was pushing into my spinal cord.” Scarily, a slight knock could have left her paralysed.

The 49-year-old Veterinary Administrator said: “I had just been carrying on as normal; knowing that a slight knock could’ve been catastrophic is really sobering. I had to have an operation an ACDF, So now have a metal plate and four screws in there but I have nerve damage as a result.

“I walk a little bit like a drunk person, which is fine when I’m drunk but not normally.”

Following her operation Sam was on crutches for three months and unable to ride a horse.

Spending most of last year “hobbling”, Sam decided enough was enough and purchased a bike.

She said: “I bought a bike so I could build up my strength, at first I was terrified of falling off, I still get a little nervy when I set off.

“Since buying the bike late last year I’ve done over 2,000 miles.

“I love cycling, it has a similar sense of freedom to riding a horse in that you can just hop on and go anywhere.

“Ever since I’ve picked it up I’m shocked at how much I’ve not missed the horses. My daughter still rides so there’s that connection there but I really love cycling and can’t wait to get out there for the LCL.”

Ms Davies will be riding in the LCL on Sunday, July 2.

For more information, visit: www.liverpoolchesterliverpool.com/