SUSPICIONS that Powys residents were informed of a survey on health care after Shropshire residents were confirmed at the latest meeting of Newtown Town Council.

Future Fit is currently holding a survey on how residents would be affected by the location of women’s and children’s services.

It was confirmed that Powys residents were informed of the survey after Shropshire residents.

Adrian Osborne, assistant director (Engagement and Communication) at Powys Teaching Health Board, attended the meeting to give an update on Future Fit.

Councillor Roy Norris said: “Were the people of Powys informed of the existence of this survey at the same time as Shropshire residents?”

Mr Osborne confirmed that they were not.

He said: “There was a delay in the information being shared with Powys Teaching Health Board. I believe it was one day.”

In his update on the Future Fit programme, Mr Osborne said: “This has been quite an involved piece of work between Powys County Council and Powys Teaching Health Board.

“It is a 10 year strategy and this is the first phase.”

“This is the first joint health care strategy across Wales.

“We will be formally launching the strategy on July 5.”

Haley Thomas, head of programme management at the health board, also attended the meeting and she said there had been a strong message about health care hubs in the community.

After a question from Mayor Councillor, Ms Thomas confirmed that the hubs would be similar to the clinic in the town but with additional services.

Joy Garfitt, assistant director for Mental Health, gave an update on Fan Gorau the elderly mental health unit in Newtown hospital that closed temporarily in June 2016.

The unit is still closed and Ms Garfitt attributed this to a lack of staff.

“Over the last 18 months on 11 occasions we set out to recruit an elusive nurse.

“Unfortunately it lead to no suitable applicants,” she said.

Having his say on the needs of Newtown, Cllr David Selby called for an emergency centre in the town.

He said: “Newtown is the biggest town in Powys and we’ve got a hospital that is not the best at delivering services.

“We must find a way to provide emergency care in this town.”

To have a say on Fan Gorau and mental health care provision for the elderly, visit the deadline is July 10.

To have a say on women and children’s services, visit: the dead line is today, Friday, June 30