GLYN Davies MP has thanked the voters of Montgomeryshire for putting their faith in him for the third time as he prepares for another term in Westminster.

As voting got underway at Maldwyn Leisure Centre in Newtown last Thursday evening, Mr Davies’ piles of votes quickly began to tower over those of his four opponents.

Well before the result was announced, the Conservative candidate was confident of victory and told the County Times: “It could be a landslide – maybe a majority of about 7,000.”

Mr Davies was also happy to hear that the turnout in Montgomeryshire was the highest in 20 years, at 71.82 per cent.

“It’s very good news that there is a high turnout,” he said.

“The turnout has been very good across the country. I hadn’t expected it, because when I have been having meetings and things people weren’t very interested in elections. But obviously people are liking elections!”

When the official declaration was made at 2.20am, cheers and applause erupted in the counting hall as the extent of Mr Davies’ victory was realised – a majority of almost 10,000.

His total of 18,075 was more than his four opponents put together, giving him a 51.8 per cent share. This was up from 45 per cent in 2015 and 41.3 per cent in 2010, when he famously unseated Lembit Opik in what had been a Lib Dem safe seat in all but one election since 1880.

Speaking after his victory was announced, he said: “I am pleased to be honest, and I am even more pleased by what is a pretty stunning majority.

“It’s faith in me from the community where I have always lived. I feel genuinely privileged to be elected for the third time.”

However, Mr Davies said the Conservatives’ performance across Wales was not as good as hoped, and the projection – which proved true – of his party missing out on a majority was “very disappointing”.

He added: “The Tories have had a very bad night in Wales.

“We were expected to do very well in Wales but it looks very much that we haven’t – but we have here.”