A notorious corner on a main road near Llanfair Caereinion has seen a historic house hit by 11 cars in the last four years.

Heniarth Gate, a 200-year-old property on the A458, had its new porch destroyed by a taxi on May 15, the latest in a long line of accidents on Heniarth Corner.

But despite the repeated battering of her beloved home of 36 years, Marian Bell says the Trunk Roads Agency will not bring in safety measures “until someone is killed”.

The accidents have seen Mrs Bell’s garden wall knocked down four times, as well as a road sign, telegraph pole and garden hedge.

Although several of the drivers and passengers have been taken to hospital by road or air ambulance, none of the accidents has resulted in serious injuries or deaths.

“Nobody is injured but they leave a hell of a mess behind them,” said Mrs Bell.

“It is always me picking up the pieces. Every time I have to get my garden wall re-done.

“I have tried and tried to get something done, but the Trunk Roads Agency don’t want to know until someone is killed.”

Mrs Bell is calling for traffic calming measures to be put in place, as they have been in nearby areas, to stop the accidents escalating and to save her house from repeatedly being hit.

With most of the accidents happening during the night, she believes improving visibility with a street light would be an effective first step.

“At night, drivers come down this road like bats out of hell because there is nothing else on the roads,” said Mrs Bell.

“I would like them just to put down some rumble strips or a street light. There is a street light down there (the turning for the B4389 towards Meifod), and I don’t think there has ever been an accident there.

“They have put a 40mph speed restriction further up the road towards Llanfair – but if someone slides off the bend there, they go into a field. Here, when they come off the bend it’s a 200-year-old property.”

Mrs Bell has raised her concerns repeatedly with the North and Mid Wales Trunk Roads Agency (NMWTRA), and has enlisted the help of Russell George AM to contact Ken Skates, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure.

Mr Skates’ latest reply, before the porch incident, said: “Whilst I do not dispute the occurrence of accidents outside Mrs Bell’s property, the police only inform us of collisions where a personal injury has taken place.

“In addition, budgetary constraints mean that we must prioritise the delivery of potential improvements across Wales.

“Currently there are no plans to undertake work at this location.”

The lack of action has infuriated Mrs Bell, who currently cannot use her front door until the driver’s insurance company pays up to repair the porch.

She said: “It appears Mr Skates is as indifferent as the agency.

“This is a notorious corner and will become even more so as cars become more powerful, and some drivers try to emulate the Le Mans run when in this area, particularly after dark.

“Apparently, until someone dies no action will be taken.”


The Welsh Government has not yet provided a response.