PARLIAMENTARY candidates from across Powys are encouraging everyone who is able to to cast their vote in the general election.

Polls are open from 7am this morning to 10pm tonight, Thursday, June 8.

Montgomeryshire candidates:

Iwan Wyn Jones, Welsh Labour candidate, said: “I have been delighted by the positive responses from the people I have met. 

“Now we need everyone who supports the Labour manifesto to come out to vote for it. 

“Vote with your heart.  Vote Labour.”

Plaid Cymru candidate Aled Morgan Hughes said: “From the numerous conversations I’ve had across Montgomeryshire, over the past weeks, there’s no denying it’s time for a change.

“If elected I’d fight tooth and nail to ensure the best future for our communities here in my native Montgomeryshire.

“Fight for the best possible Brexit deal for our towns, villages and farmers, fight for more investment in our crippled local services and be a strong voice for an area of Wales that is too often forgotten.

“Montgomeryshire’s voice in Westminster, rather than Westminster’s voice in Montgomeryshire”. 

In a message to the voters, Richard Chaloner, Wales Green Party candidate said: “Please go out and vote today!  

“Many of us may feel that the issues get lost in the media driven personality politics that characterise modern elections; but that period is over now.

“Today’s vote is the only thing that really matters in the electoral process, and it is your opportunity to help shape our country for the next five years.

“Our right to choose who governs us was hard won, and we are almost the first in history to have that right.  

“Whatever your views and whoever you support please go out today and use that right.”

For the Welsh Conservatives, Glyn Davies said: “Whenever I’ve spoken to Montgomeryshire people over the election campaign leading up to today’s General Election, I’ve encouraged them to vote.

“My team have delivered 20,000 ‘Get Out The Vote’ reminders.

“Other candidates will be doing the same.

“When the votes are counted, four of us will congratulate the winner, and wish him or her well for the next five years.

“That’s democracy. At its heart is the vote. I encourage everyone to use it.”

Jane Dodds, Welsh Liberal Democrats candidate added: “Montgomeryshire needs a change. Mae Sir Drefaldwyn yn angen newid. 

“We have deteriorating health services, our local services such as recycling are being withdrawn, and we need more funding for social care. 

“Please vote for a change on June 8 from the Conservatives. 

“Voting Liberal Democrat is the only way of changing things for the better in Montgomeryshire. Pleidleisiwch ar gyfer y Democratiaid Rgyddfrydol am newid yn Sir Drefaldwyn.”

Radnorshire candidates:

Kate Heneghan, Plaid Cymru Candidate said: “This election is about an immediate threat to our nation, our economy and our people.

“You have a choice, make it count. It will matter more now than ever before. It is time to stand up for our people, our community, our nation.

“If you care about Wales and want a better future for the people who live here vote for me, vote for Plaid Cymru today.”

Dan Lodge, Welsh Labour Candidate said: “This election is vital because it will decide what sort of country we live in for the next five years.

“Theresa May wants a blank cheque to give tax cuts to the rich, and take from pensioners and those struggling to get by.

“Only Labour will stand up to Tory cuts aimed at Brecon and Radnorshire.

“Vote Labour, for the many not the few.”

James Gibson-Watt, Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate said:  “This election is your opportunity to elect a Member of Parliament for everyone.

“The polls have been suggesting the Conservatives will have a majority, knowing that we need to make sure we have a Member of Parliament who will get the job done.

“As a County Councillor and Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrat group I am proud to have stood up for everyone in the community I represent and beyond, opposing closures of day centres, schools and fighting for the provision of the Welsh medium education in Powys.

“If elected I will be an MP for everyone, working with all our communities to protect the vital services that matter to all of us as the Conservatives continue their ideological program of austerity, running down our NHS, schools and social services.

“This is your chance to be heard.”

Welsh Conservative candidate Chris Davies said: “I would like to encourage everyone to get out and vote on Election Day.

“I believe Theresa May and the Conservatives offer the best hope for our nation moving forward. Exiting the EU gives us great opportunities that we must embrace.

“Please remember to vote, voting is a right previous generations have had to fight to get. We should all embrace our democracy and enjoy the fact that we all have an equal vote at elections. Regardless of class, race or gender.

“In the words of Ronald Regan: 'Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction'.”

Also standing for Brecon and Radnorshire is Peter Gilbert for UKIP.