Thousands of people turned out to see some of the best local musicians and bands at Welshpool’s Music Festival.

The 2017 event went down a storm yet again, with music lovers turning out in the pubs around the town.

Organiser Kuldip Weesson-Caberwalt said the crowds were at record level, and the day went down without any trouble: “It was fantastic, the biggest we’ve had we think. We said after there were about 2,000 people there, and that is brilliant.

“There was no trouble and everyone just enjoyed the day.

“Even people were coming over from Newtown, and there is usually a rivalry, but that wasn’t the case, everyone got along and enjoyed the music.”

Kuldip himself joined band Infamous to play a cover of a Pink Floyd song in memory of former member of the Infamous band Ian Scott.

The festival was held in Ian’s memory.

Kuldip now hopes the town council will come on board and increase the event.

He said: “We haven’t spoken yet because I wanted it to grow, but it would be nice to have stalls, entertainers and make it a real family fun day.”

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