A group of women have volunteered to work on the gardens at the Newtown Day Centre.

County Cllr Joy Jones met with a representative of PAVO to generate ideas for volunteer work in Newtown.

On May 17, a group of women volunteered to help and work on the garden.

Cllr Jones was delighted with the response and the work that has been done so far.

She said: “I called round to see how they were all getting on and was so impressed to see the fantastic job they had done.

“There is still worked to be done and I know that Michiel from PAVO could have done with some more volunteers.

“But the ladies worked non-stop and have removed all the over grown plants. A big thank you to Williams Plant Hire and staff for providing skips at no charge to take all the garden waste and help keep the area tidy. I called in to thank all the volunteers, this is very important to the day centre as it makes it a save area that service users to spend time in safety.

“It was wonderful and very kind of ladies to give their own time to help others. This project will make it a safe area for many vulnerable people now and in the future.”

Cllr Jones has said the day centre needs to have its fence replaced.

She is calling on local businesses to see if they can help with having a new, safe fence at the centre.

She added: “The day centre needs its fence to be replaced as the one there is old and not fit for purpose, I have ask Powys to replace it but haven’t had an answer.

“I am concerned that with all the cut backs they may not be willing to replace this any time soon which will make the garden unusable by service users.

“The fence needs to be replaced with a higher fence so that it prevents anyone climbing over and damaging the area or anyone using the garden getting into any danger.

“It would be great if there was a fencing business who would help our day centre and help us with a new and safe fence.”