Congested traffic in Newtown was ‘like a caravan park’ on a frustrating and frantic weekend for holidaymakers.

That is according to county councillor Joy Jones, who said it was the worst traffic problem she had seen in the town in a very long time.

As the sun soaked the county and the rest of Wales over the weekend, people piled in their cars and caravans and headed to the coast.

But it was to be a long and excruciating wait for some, as traffic tailed back for hours along the A483 in the town.

Cllr Jones said it took her 50 minutes to get from one end of the town to her home.

She said the completion of the bypass construction cannot come soon enough.

Cllr Jones said: “It was so bad, unbearable at times, the worst I have seen for ages.

“It was just beyond really, things need to be sorted out and the bypass can’t come soon enough, early if anything please.

“It was fantastic to see so many people enjoying the bank holiday and going to the coast, but it was just gridlocked in Newtown.

“At times it felt like you were just driving through a car park, or a caravan parked.

“You couldn’t even get from A to B, it was crazy.”

Cllr Jones added she felt sorry for the traders as people didn't want to stop and shop, because they had been stuck in lodged traffic for so long.

She added: “It was the traders who are being hit, and were hit over the weekend. It just didn’t stop all weekend, it was a nightmare.

“People didn’t want to get out and stop to shop, and then get back in a traffic queue to start all over again.

“It was like a sea of cars and caravans, caravan after caravan after caravan. The sooner we get the bypass, the better.”