A brave youngster who suffered 19 epileptic fits in one week is to take on a charity cycle ride.

Kaleb Jones, six, was diagnosed with epilepsy in January, and has been suffering fits ever since.

However, last week, as his fits began to get worse, he suffered a total of 19 fits in one week and was admitted to hospital.

His mother, Tammy Owen, from Gungrog in Welshpool, said ambulances had been called out more than once and last week he was left unconscious for 20 minutes.

Tammy said her brave son, who has been going into school for half days, is fighting on.

She said: “He has been very tired, and they have been coming on while he has been in school.

“We have been in Telford Hospital today and hopefully the change of medication will help stop the number of fits, but the doctors don’t know what is causing them.

“He has been scared, and the other night he didn’t want to go to sleep in case he fell ill.

“But we are now hoping the medication works, and he is getting there.”

Despite his difficult ordeal, young Kaleb has gathered a group of his friends for a charity cycle ride.

He wants to raise money for the two paramedics who have come to help him more than once.

So far, the youngster has raised £140 for the ride on July 2.

His mother added: “He just loves going out on his bike.

“He had a new bike for Christmas, and hasn’t used it yet so he has gathered about 20 friends, and they are all going to bike to Powis Castle.

“He wants to raise money for the Wales Ambulance Service, because of what the paramedics have done for him.

“And we are hoping to have the paramedics there with us on the day.”

To donate, go to Kaleb's gofundme page.