THE County Councillor for Machynlleth has gone unopposed for 37 years and will be fighting for the return of waste collection in his latest term.

Cllr Michael Williams, 74, was once again uncontested on May 4 and remains committed to his constituents.

He said: “I don’t know if there are any secrets to being a successful councillor.

“I have just maintained an absolute commitment to Machynlleth.

“What I have endeavoured to do is, even in difficult times, so far as humanly possible keep austerity impacts to a minimum.”

In the coming months, Cllr Williams has a clear vision of what he wants for Machynlleth.

“I will be endeavouring to bring back the fortnightly bulky waste service that disappeared,” he added

“Now people have got a 60 mile round trip to the nearest site in Newtown.

That has reduced to three days a week and you’re not allowed trailers or commercial vehicles, I think it’s making it horrendous.

“We are in a ridiculous situation.

“I certainly will support councillors who want to bring greater hours for recycling sites, though I will expect them to reciprocate by supporting the bulky waste collection in Machynlleth.”

He will also be maintaining support for the town’s school and leisure centre.

He said: “I look forward to the all through school in Machynlleth, then we can move on with supporting our education systems

“I also cannot emphasise enough the importance of such facilities as the leisure centre.

“The centre has been extremely busy with the recent comedy festival and the Dyfi Enduro.”