THE Brimmon Oak Tree, Newtown, is the runner up in European Tree of the Year, after narrowly missing out on the top spot to the Oak Jósef from Poland.

The winners were announced at an official ceremony in Brussels on Tuesday, March 21.

The Brimmon Oak garnered 16,203 votes, the Oak Jósef had 17,597 and the third place Lime Tree at Lipka, in the Czech Republic, had 14,813.

Representatives of the Brimmon Oak campaign, including Mervyn Lloyd Jones, owner of land, and Rob McBride, tree hunter, attended the awards ceremony.

The nation has been rooting for the oak since a campaign saved it from the threat of Newtown’s bypass construction and in December 2016 it was named the UK tree of the year by the Woodland Trust.

The tree also featured on the BBC Breakfast show on Wednesday morning.