A RESIDENT has labelled mounds of fly-tipping in Llandrindod Wells as ‘disgraceful’ and has called for the council to act.

Michael Broadhurst went to Llandegley recycling centre, near Llandrindod recently, but learnt it was shut.

On going to a recycling area in Llandrindod, he was met with mounds of fly-tipped rubbish, including TVs, clothes, shoes, and a host of other items.

Fly-tipping has been a well publicised problem throughout Powys, and pictures have shown how the problem seems to be growing.

Mr Broadhurst said: “We went there, and it was just disgusting, the way it is being dealt with is disgusting.

“The council need to be taken to task over this.

“You pay out your council tax, and this is what you get when you go to recycle.

“It was a disgusting site, Llandrindod Wells is a nice old spa town, and this is not helping the town at all.

“With the closing times, people need to adjust to different times, I understand that.

“Restrictions on vehicles just doesn’t help, it is just a disgusting mess.”

Since the reduction in days recycling centres across Powys are open, came into force, there have been big problems with fly-tipping.

Recently a huge pile of rubbish mounted up outside the Recycling Centre in Newtown, but despite calls from politicians for Powys to increase the opening days again, they have refused to move on the matter.

Mr Broadhurst added: “Why they are not doing anything is a concern to me.”

A spokesperson for Powys County Council has reminded the public it is an illegal offence to fly tip.

A spokesperson said: “Unfortunately there has been an ongoing problem of fly-tipping at the community recycling site in Llandrindod Wells for a number of years.

“There are some individuals who feel that it is acceptable to fly-tip their waste at this site despite this being an illegal activity. 

“Anybody who fly-tips is running the risk of legal action being taken against them. We have recently stepped up our enforcement activities at this site and will investigate any fly-tipping incidents and take the appropriate action.”