A VOTE for Chris Davies and Theresa May is a “safe vote” after the prime minister shocked the country by calling a snap general election this week.

That is according to Chris Davies, Brecon and Radnorshire MP this week, after last year promising not to call an election, the Conservative leader did just that.

It will now go through the formal channels, before candidates all over the country go on the campaign trail for the second time in two years, ahead of polling day on June 8.

Mr Davies produced a huge swing to claim the seat from long standing Lib Dem Roger Williams in 2015.

And he will be looking to continue his work in Westminster past the June election date.

He said: “I will absolutely go again.

“It is disappointing I have only had two years so far, but I think the Prime Minister has done the right thing, to make a stronger government.

“In Brecon and Radnor we have just started to turn a corner after years of stalemate, and we will be out straight away campaigning ahead of the election.

“Theresa May is popular among voters, and we can’t risk having pressure groups like Lib Dem and UKIP, and the incompetency of Labour, and I hope people vote for Chris Davies and Theresa May.

“It is a safe vote.”

The Liberal Democrats confirmed a candidate would stand, with a spokesperson adding: “We welcome the news of a General Election.

“Across the United Kingdom more and more people are backing the Liberal Democrats, and we look forward to giving the voters of Brecon and Radnorshire a chance to change the direction of the country and deliver a better deal for our communities.”

Green Party Leader, Grenville Ham of Brecon, said it was unclear yet who would stand for the party, but added: “Today's announcement gives all of the progressive political parties a golden opportunity to deliver the future we need.

“We are a democratic party and our local members will be deciding who our candidates for the General Election will be over the coming days.

“We will do everything within our power to get rid of this environment trashing Conservative government.”

UKIP has confirmed it will have a candidate in every constituency in Wales, while Plaid Cymru failed to respond to a request at the time the County Times went to press.

No one from the Labour Party was available for comment.