Two “immature” young men who soiled carpets, smashed objects and set off fire extinguishers while trespassing have been landed with a £2,400 bill to repair the damage.

William Cadwallader, 20, and Damon Mark Hulme, 18, admitted burglary with intent to cause damage when they appeared at Llandrindod Wells Magistrates’ Court this week.

Hulme also admitted the theft of a mountain bike worth £50 from outside a shop on the same date, March 12.

Rhian Jones, prosecuting, said a woman walking her dog in Rock Park, Llandrindod Wells, near the Complementary Health Centre, saw two men climbing through a broken window.

She called the police, who were nearby after being called to the theft of the bike at around 7.30am.

The bike was found at the scene, and Cadwallader and Hulme were found inside the building.

A statement from the health centre detailed the extensive damage that had been caused, including smashed objects, damage to furnishings and a CCTV camera, and carpets that would need to be replaced. A number of fire extinguishers had been emptied in several rooms.

Ms Jones said that when interviewed, the pair admitted entering the building through an already broken window and causing the damage, which amounted to £2,392.44.

She added that Hulme was currently on a community order, imposed in October 2016 for taking a vehicle.

Owain Jones, defending, said the pair, who live on Temple Drive, both had mental health problems and were willing to pay compensation to make up for what they had done.

“These offences show they are very immature for their age,” said Mr Jones.

“They accept how foolish they have been. They are sorry for what they have done and they know that they will be punished.

“These defendants struggle with mental health, they both have anxiety and depression. They are vulnerable young men.”

He added Cadwallader had no previous convictions, and that Hulme was struggling with his existing community order.

Amy Wyrwoll, from the probation service, said the pair had “no intentions to go into the building,” until they spotted the broken window.

She said Hulme used cannabis and was “sofa surfing,” currently staying with Cadwallader.

Magistrates revoked Hulme’s existing community order and sentenced him to 20 weeks in prison for the burglary, four weeks for the bike theft and four weeks in place of the old order, to run concurrently. This was suspended for 12 months.

He must also complete 20 rehabilitation activity days, pay £1,196.22 compensation, £85 costs and a £115 surcharge.

Cadwallader was given a 12 month community order, with 20 rehabilitation days, and the same compensation and costs.